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May 9, 2020
Del Sol Racks Fishing Rod

Fishing rod rackIf you will get our publication, then you definitely most likely find out about my first proper woodworking project. In the event that you don’t have the publication (that you should, it is high in good articles many unique content), however will sum-up that project for you. It had been a disaster.

For my second project, I made a decision to build one thing useful. My dad is a devoted bass fisherman. He fishes an amateur event sets every summertime. Let’s just state he's many fishing rods. Some may state he has got too many rods (my mom included). So, I thought we would build him a fishing rod rack.

I designed the rack myself. I decided to choose purpose over type. I utilized walnut lumber, because I’m a sucker for walnut.

We slashed two edges away from just one board of walnut. Then, we cut three stretchers to get in touch the sides. For the top stretcher, we utilized the band-saw to cut fully out nine divots for rods to stay in destination. We used a router to chamfer the sides of the slices, and sanded it to eliminate the saw scars.

For base stretcher, I utilized a Forstner bit to drill nine-holes to complement the divots that I cut in the most effective stretcher. I utilized the router to chamfer the edges right here also. Rinse and repeat.

The last stretcher had been just familiar with keep carefully the rods from dropping completely to your flooring. This is certainly valuable cargo we are dealing with.

We glued up two panels, and cut two legs from their store. Finally, i just utilized dowels and glued the piece together.

Taking a look at the piece today, I recognize it’s ugly. It’s useful, but ugly. Although it’s ugly, my dad utilizes it daily. That makes me pleased. That fledgling woodworker made a thing that the individual he seems to more uses each day.

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