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August 3, 2021
Rods and Reels for Any Kind of

Our annual on-the-water analysis shows what to expect from newest rods and reels. Pictures by Nathaniel Welch.

Throughout the last ten years, the fishing industry features skilled volatile technological development. Today’s bass anglers electronically see under docks in vivid, three-­dimensional information. Pro ­anglers pre-fish tournaments on displays from their particular seat seats, virtually getting rid of the requirement to wet a line.

With regards to science-driven enhancements, tackle makers are hustling in which to stay action with the competitors. Rod developers manipulate carbon on a supramolecular scale, and their work lets us throw further in accordance with higher precision than previously. Advancements in metallurgy and products technology have actually created substances where smoother, quieter fishing reel equipment trains and drags have already been created.

These types of modifications aren’t just for program. These items are typical less heavy and more ergonomic, therefore we could fish much longer with less weakness.

For 2015, pole and reel makers have once again eclipsed the earlier year’s innovations. Here’s our take on the very best of what’s brand new.

Exactly How We Testing
Behind the scenes on appearing reasons of this newest fishing gear

Like baseball’s postseason and pumpkin-flavored every little thing, the exterior lifestyle Tackle Test is now a rite of October. Once again last autumn we ventured south to Cajun Fishing Adventures in Buras, Louisiana, to pit the most recent rods and reels resistant to the redfish that swimming into the marshes at the lips of this Mississippi River. Some 42 rods and reels constructed our biggest industry in recent memory.

Over the course of several times, our testers—OL editors and CFA guides alike—spent quality time with every piece of tackle and then drew upon that on-the-water experience to make informed ratings in 10 various categories. The average of each tester’s scores in each group, plus a cumulative total score, are mirrored here.
New Rods and Reels: Largemouth Fishing
New Rods and Reels: Largemouth Fishing
Rods and Reels for Tuna Fishing
Rods and Reels for Tuna Fishing
My Fishing Rods and Reels
My Fishing Rods and Reels
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