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December 10, 2015
IGFA Hi Vis Gold

Stren, Made in the united statesThe total type of Stren products includes superlines, fluorocarbon lines and monofilament lines to fit any fishing application and need. Anglers know all about Stren’s knot energy, abrasion resistance, tensile and surprise energy. Amateurs and advantages alike expect Stren presenting the proper variety of visibility to the problems, whether or not it’s line-shy seafood or low-light problems. Factors like line stretch and limpness makes or break your day, which is the reason why Stren range maximizes each when it comes to kind of fishing you’re performing.

The Stren Timeline, from Nylon to Microbond and Beyond

From the innovation of nylon in 1938 came nothing short of a transformation in fishing range. Stren is made in 1958 and from that day this classic sport fishing range initiated the remarkable technology of high-performance fishing range that continues continuous these days. that the brand became a household title in fishing sectors talks volumes concerning the dependable overall performance Stren has delivered cast after cast, catch after catch.

From very first nylon monofilament, other discoveries and innovations bearing the Stren name quickly caught on: abrasion resistance, co-filament line, Magnathin technology, high-tensile High influence range, Super Tough, Lumaflex, effortless Cast, Powerbraid, Lo-Vis, Sensor, Stren additional power, Advanced Microbond tech… and beyond into places various other manufacturers can’t match.

Many of us at Stren tend to be pleased to be part of the natural Fishing family of industry-leading brands. With Berkley, Abu Garcia, Mitchell, Fenwick, Spiderwire and more, Stren tends to make fishing more enjoyable for lots more people, and therefore’s exactly what it is been about.

Meet up with the staff

Amazingly actively works to identify enhancement opportunities on our production flooring and helps downline drive procedures that produce the dependable line that Stren is renowned for. With a focus on process improvement, she trains our manufacturing team on root-cause analysis, standard work and quick changeover. Outside of work, amazingly enjoys operating, reading, writing and is currently trying to finish a novel.

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