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February 6, 2024

Absolutely nothing fires a discussion among fly fishing’s faithful more than the main topic of fly rods. They truly are, most likely, the most important resources of the trade, and what’s even more, fly fishermen want to argue.

The right fly rod feels as though an extension of one's arm; flies appear correctly in which you’re searching (just as if by secret), and landing trout is a pleasure.

Obviously, one man’s great fly fishing rod is another’s share cue or noodle, and yes, it is only hardly possible that my very own individual bias has actually entered to the construction of this number, though just in case there are several questions regarding sanity choices, I wanted to lay-out my criteria.

The Dozen most readily useful fly rods of all time? We pick, you argue.

The Underground’s Scientifically Derived Criteria

Initially, no existing rods are included. Record may determine the Orvis Helios or Winston Boron or Sage Z-Axis might be many bizarrely called most useful fly rods previously, but I’m making those talks to record. Brand new rods basically that (new) – and just haven’t been with us long enough to make the listing.

Also, brief production operates don’t actually count. I really think the very best bamboo fly rods available are being built at this time (by brands like Ream, Brandin, Thramer, Johnson, Karstetter, Wojnicki, Raine, etc), but let’s face it – the combined lifetime output of the designers equals about one month’s creation of Helios fly rods, and while I adore my built-by-still-living-guys bamboo fly rods, they’ll never be cast by sufficient visitors to undoubtedly matter.

Similarly, no boutique rods actually made record – despite the fact that i really could make a rather cogent debate for inclusion of a Steffen Brothers or McFarland glass rod and/or little-known-but-much-lamented East department “classic” graphite. There just aren’t enough going swimming the fly-fishing universe.

After that there’s issue of history; numerous will believe today’s rods – the result of all kinds of materials and taper improvements – are the defacto “best” rods. Instead, I’m selecting history’s best fly rods; the rods that put the speed inside their period.

And lastly, there’s the small issue of what “best” really indicates, and because we play with terms for a living, I’m happy to recommend “best” is merely a representation of criteria.

One rod may be lightest, another may throw beautifully, and another may be low priced. The most useful?

Well, that’s the reason why you’ve got the Underground. (We Report, We Choose.)

Needless to say, it is feasible the assembled Undergrounders have actually various some ideas, if you can write a solid-but-snarky justification (see below), i might produce a followup “Underground Reader’s Choice” post (and who doesn’t wish to be famous)? Normally, saltwater and spey (two-hander) fly rods tend to be completely underrepresented in this record (with one exception), and I also like to say now that I’ve was able to prevent the slightest twinge of shame about this.

Leonard Model 50(DF)
Sure, no two Leonards appear to cast something alike therefore the artistry varied widely over the decades (hell, it varied widely during the period of hours), but as Uber Rod Geek Rich Margiotta stated, the Leonard Model 50 put the first standard for light-tipped, Catskill-style dry fly rods – an amazingly suffering model of taper that is nevertheless gladly consumed because of the public today. And hey – you gotta begin someplace.

The Paul Younger Perfectionist (7.5′ 4/5wt)
In fact, almost any of the Paul Young semi-parabolic rods could be eligible for the Desirable Dozen; We picked the Perfectionist because I have the taper. The Para-15 is probably much more famous in addition to better all-around pole, nevertheless the point listed here is that Paul Young developed an even more fishable form of the notably touchy full-parabolic tapers liked by Charles Ritz. A marketing whiz and astute businessman, teenage also found an approach to convert cosmetically challenged cane into a good material via his “ring of fire” flaming process, while the Underground dislikes waste, so we find ourselves right here. It’s brilliance on a stick.

The Payne 100 (7.5′ 4wt)
It’s extensively accepted that Payne consistently produced the greatest, lasting, most-consistent bamboo fly rods, and that even yet in the age of supercomputers, nanotechnology and widely available pizza pie, the Payne 100 taper just can’t be enhanced. During the period of years, Payne bamboo fly rods have actually grabbed the hearts of fly anglers for their castability, gorgeous finish, and elegant toughness, and even though the Payne 100 is an excellent instance, it’s just one in a long of good types of Payne craftsmanship. It is once Payne is gain.

The Fenwick 7.5′ 5wt Feralite Fiberglass Fly Fishing Rod

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