Bamboo Fishing Rods

November 22, 2022
Schliske Bamboo Fly Rods

The Reason Why Fish Bamboo?Why Fish Bamboo?

It is our sincere belief that each and every serious flyfisherman should acquire and fish one or more bamboo rod. The reasons tend to be variety, and ultimately, many flyfishermen visited the same conclusion.

In near, where many fish are actually cycling, a bamboo pole lots and casts sweeter than other things. At distance, the deep flex stores power and transfers energy smoothly towards line, making lengthy casts possible. This energy-storing attribute also decreases the requirement to press the rod—bamboo rods, it's been stated, do much of the work obtainable. The slowly action means you have to slow the cast down, but this, too, is a plus because the need to frenetically untrue cast is eradicated.

The process for most people a new comer to bamboo is understanding how to browse the rod. These rods feel distinct from graphite, nevertheless when Glenn and Jerry found Sweetgrass, they adjusted the tapers slightly, speeding them up simply a tad. This is why Sweetgrass Rods a good bamboo rod for someone via a graphite mentality.

The Sweetgrass SeriesFor some one with knowledge of bamboo, a Sweetgrass rod presents the peak of taper development. Designed and built by individuals who fish, and fish hard, our rods will provide outstanding overall performance.


Sweetgrass tends to make two fundamental types of rods. Our signature series we call The Sweetgrass Rod. With upper end equipment and an extra tip, the Sweetgrass Rod exemplifies the wedding of beauty and gratification. The Mantra Rod includes high quality equipment created much more for overall performance than look, and just one tip. At about ½ the price tag on the Sweetgrass Rod, the Mantra Rod is an excellent solution to try bamboo at a realistic price.

The Mantra SeriesAdditionally, we now have made some salt-water rods, switch rods, and spey rods. Prices differ, so call to talk about. The truth is, we love bamboo so we intercourse fishing rods out of this all-natural product. Got a notion? Call us and we’ll see if we enables. We’ve even made various rotating rods out of bamboo!

each rods have our unconditional guarantee. If it breaks, for reasons uknown, simply get it back again to united states and we’ll go after that. How come you can expect these types of a warranty? Two explanations: 1) not many of your rods break, because of the remarkable toughness of bamboo; 2) we would like visitors to feel comfortable fishing with one of these works of performance art. They truly are meant for fishing, not for wall-hangers!

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo rods, paradoxically, represent in which flyfishing happens to be and in which experienced flyfishermen desire to go. Contemporary flyfishing features origins extending right back centuries, but bamboo rods shot to popularity in their own personal inside the belated 1800s. Building processes used today are similar to those regarding the 1800s: separate the cane, shape it, glue it, add guides, and go fishing. However, today’s bamboo rods tend to be, generally, markedly different for action and toughness from rods built in the past. Better adhesives, varnishes, and evolving tapers have actually brought us rods which excel in a variety of ways over their particular ancestors, plus some considerable means, over modern-day graphite rods.

The Sweetgrass Spey Bamboo fly fishing rod Why Bamboo? Wall of Bamboo Cross section of Tonkin Cane
fishing bamboo rod part2.mp4
fishing bamboo rod part2.mp4
How To Make A Bamboo Fishing Rod
How To Make A Bamboo Fishing Rod
bamboo fishing rod
bamboo fishing rod
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