Rod licence costs

June 25, 2022
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If you are planning buying a fishing licence for dad's Day, make sure you avoid copycat websites or else you could become spending extra solely to cover "administration" prices.

The environmental surroundings Agency states it is gotten numerous issues from people who've purchased whatever they believed were licences online only to find they will have compensated a supplementary 20 for application become processed for the kids, one thing they could quickly did by themselves via the national's very own website.

Oftentimes, not just have individuals already been lumbered with management fees, nonetheless they've additionally perhaps not received a fishing licence anyway, making all of them susceptible to legal activity and a fine as high as 2, 500 if caught with no proper permit.

Steve Nowottny,'s consumer analyst states: "Sadly this can be simply the newest position about what's an all-too-familiar tale.

"we have currently seen consumers getting cheated by copycat internet sites touting passport applications, EHIC cards, operating licence renewals plus now it's unwary anglers who will be taking the bait.

"In recent months, we've seen search-engines crack upon copycat web sites, that is a welcome begin.

"however the Government should do much more to guard users from becoming tricked into paying over they should and in the meantime, any person about to buy a fishing range online has to be sure they don't fall for these shyster websites hook, range and sinker."

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Nationwide Trading Standards claims it really is examining copycat websites and aims to act against inaccurate web sites that pass themselves off as formal federal government services.

How do copycat internet sites work?

Web sites work if you are paying search engines to show up as ads which often get ranked extremely, generally over the direct legitimate website, when you find terms such "fishing licence".

As soon as you click on the link, you choose to go right through to a personal commercial internet site. Though they are not unlawful, they truly aren't technically unlawful, nonetheless they have to inform you they are perhaps not affiliated into national, and clarify you can apply for free through official websites.

How do I make an application for the best rod licence without using a copycat website?

You can easily use the internet toward Fishing and shopping section of Or you can buy online via the postoffice or perhaps in your nearest branch.

You may want to purchase a licence from some seafood tackle and bait shops.

Simply how much should it cost?

You can find 12 various fly fishing rod licences which you can get, including, you may get a one day licence from 3.75, an eight-day licence from 10 and an annual pole licence from 27.

As soon as we purchase, can I fish immediately?

In the event that you buy through post-office or, you will get a bill or research quantity straight away showing that you've compensated and also you're covered. If any enforcement officers approach you, they'll see you have bought a legitimate license.

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