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June 28, 2021
Bluegill on a Jig

Meredith is host to a single of our biggest cold weather events; the Great Rotary Ice Fishing Derby. Provided because of the Meredith Rotary Club, this occasion brings ice fisherman from in the united states to Meredith for a weekend of enjoyable, fishing, and witnessing exacltly what the tolerance for cool and frostbite is. In the long run, the reward has been among the fortunate few which reaches feel the pleasure of having their particular catch hung up regarding the wall surface of fame, and winning an incredible grand award.

It really is a household friendly occasion, with a very nearly carnival-like atmosphere on ice in Meredith Bay, whilst transforms into a sea of sellers and bob homes.

This many years date: delayed until February 27-28, 2016

In the event your driving across the Lakes Region and discover the frozen seas of Lake Winnipesaukee changed into a metropolis of fishing shanties of each and every shape, size, and color, the fishing derby should be underway. If you have a sense of intense competition within the floating around, it should be near prize time!

Where to Get 2016 Tickets

Tickets are $30 consequently they are available at a lot more than twelve areas around Lake Winnipesaukee, including AJ's Bait and Tackle, the Winnisquam Trading Post, Skelly's Market, Alton Circle Grocery and at Paugus Bay Sporting Goods. You'll be able to buy tickets straight at derby head office in Meredith, or internet based through the website link below. In the event that occasion is postponed, your passes may not be refunded, but is going to be honored if the occasion is sooner or later held. A cancellation is very unlikely. In the event that ice circumstances in 2002 don't warrant a cancellation for the occasion, nothing will probably.

The violation revenue goes toward prizes and generous donations to local businesses. In addition goes toward the substantial seafood stocking of varied Lakes area figures of water.

Ice Conditions

By February 1st, the sunshine has actually signifcantly delayed the freezing regarding the area lakes. The derby has actually become delayed thus.

Prizes for 2015

  • First Prize: $15, 000
  • 2nd Prize: $5, 000
  • Third Reward: $3, 000
Ice Fishing for Northern Pike on St. Lawrence River USA 2012
Ice Fishing for Northern Pike on St. Lawrence River USA 2012
Ice Fish Baby
Ice Fish Baby
Ice Fishing
Ice Fishing
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