Bamboo Fishing Pole

July 8, 2019
South Bend

This is certainly a straightforward fishing pole in order to make, perhaps not the classic bamboo fly rod. We used these when we had been kids. Sometimes they were “store-bought” at a gas station/bait shop nearby the river. In other cases we took string, hook, float, and pole making our own. Finding no-cost cane had beenn’t easy, today I know it is more prevalent than many people recognize. You merely have to look!

Picking a Bamboo Pole

golden bamboo

Simply take a bamboo pole about 3/4 inches or somewhat bigger on the base, about 8 to 10 foot long. This should be a dry pole. The standard option is fantastic Bamboo (P.aurea) This bamboo is often known as “fish pole bamboo”. This has canes concerning the right diameter and size. The canes taper well as well as the base stops are very thick-walled. Best of all, the beds base of P.aurea has actually distorted nodes giving the butt end an all-natural handhold. This thickened end near the base along with a tapering, versatile tip get this to a great rod. it is very easy to manage, and you can feel all of the activity. If you learn a grove with canes that look something such as these it really is most likely Golden bamboo. It is a really typical bamboo but others can do as well. Simply make an effort to select a cane about the right size and trim from the limbs.

Drying Out

My uncle accustomed take very long, slender bamboo canes and attach a hook made of coating hanger cable on the base end and connect a brick onto the tip. He then hung them in tall pines and let the them dried out. It performedn’t take long during the warm months plus they performed seem to be nice and straight. I like to simply take a green pole and operate a torch on it. The waxes and essential oils come to the top and may be wiped down. If you use the warmth carfully you may get a dark, very nearly black shade from the bamboo.
One other way to dry bamboo poles is tangled up beneath the eaves of a house or storage. Just ensure that it stays somewhere dried out and saved straight. Once the bamboo is dried out, gently sand it with good sandpaper. Clean the bamboo and let dried out. Coat with a couple of coats of spar varnish. It will probably last a considerable amount of time in the event that you ensure that is stays out from the weather condition.


On tip regarding the bamboo pole attach an item of obvious seafood range just a couple of ins shorter compared to pole. You are able to experiment with how thin you desire the end to be, about a quarter-inch in diameter. It is possible to take off as much associated with base end while you would you like to make the pole the perfect dimensions for a kid, or keep it really miss yourself. Tie on a hook and place a tiny split shot some ins up from the hook. Connect a sliding float above that. We used these mostly to catch bream along the lake bank. You can set the bait wherever you wished it. The water was fairly superficial therefore we could often understand seafood. In other cases we'd paddle off to the lips for the slough and fish in deeper liquid. Because the bamboo is flexible however very strong, it had been alway fun to seafood with.

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