Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing Report

April 25, 2021
Sportsman s Lodges – Minnesota

Runnin' On...

He had been bitten by a walleye at a young age… And it took five days ahead of the seafood had been no longer in excruciating pain.

Today, he's questioned by Game Wardens… simply because they find him interesting.

And on Lake of this Woods… their ice fishing rod… never ever gets cool.

Hello sportsfans and welcome to the regular Artic blast here at Ballard’s Resort. The “World’s Many mystical” ice fisherman was not right here this last weekend. But we do anticipate his check out inside very forseeable future. More about that. Keep tuned in.

Ah…….. What’s the most recent and best. Ask Nick??? “WE ARE TYPICAL ON THE MAP”! truly… about from a fishing standpoint.

After last week’s stalemate (slow fishing) the guides were, as the saying goes, off and operating. The south shore Pine bite withered together with hand writing ended up being regarding wall surface. Get moving. As thus we have.

Here’s modern… In the past a week we’ve sent fliers (homes) to your Nine, Knight, Bridges, the flats and basically every-where in the middle. Using the outcome becoming very similar. “Tough Fishing”.

Tends as if, at the least the 2009 week, the greater amount of we move plus the more fresh ice we fish… the exact same outcome. The fish are there any, at least we’re seeing them from the graphs, but we can’t make ‘em bite. Get figure. HA!

“As of the morning we (the guides) are nevertheless scraping our heads. Most Readily Useful bet is: MAINTAIN FISHING.”

Nick claims we’re likely to stay “spread out” for now, in order to see just what occurs. We’ve practically chased backwards and forwards the previous week to ten times, and today it is time for you work of these areas with a few honest energy.

Final result… We’re still catching fish to eat (mostly sauger), and we’re getting a couple of fish to take home. The casual trophy walleye is, let’s state, occasional. I believe final Friday our “big fish” of this few days had been a 28.5 incher. Nice walleye! Congrats Joe R!

Ice-Fishing Lake of the Woods 2014
Ice-Fishing Lake of the Woods 2014
Fishing Report
Fishing Report
Lake of the Woods Fishing Report!
Lake of the Woods Fishing Report!
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