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March 11, 2021
A permanent Ice Fishing

image of FatFish 767 Pop-Up ShelterModel: FF767

The FatFish 767 pop-up shelter is perfect for 2-3 men and women and provides 40 sqft of fishable location. This FatFish features self-tapping ice anchors, huge mesh storage space pouches to put on essential ice fishing gear, two doorways for simple entry and exit, and unique X-style reflective showcasing for nighttime exposure. Just like every Eskimo ice fishing refuge, the FatFish includes a YKK zipper, rugged and trustworthy for harsh problems of cold temperatures. Its oversized, backpack style storage space case helps make the FatFish an easy task to transport providing you with longer to fish.

Model: FF9416

For large fishing parties, Eskimo offers the FatFish 9416 pop-up lightweight shelter. This shelter design addresses 109 square feet of ice, supplying enough space for approximately 7 to 9 folks. This might be ideal for your taking pleasure in ice fishing along with your friends and family. Not only performs this FatFish offer simple set-up and portability, but its steel ball-and-socket design lead to a stronger, stronger ice fishing refuge. In addition, the FatFish 9416 has actually 10 removable house windows to get more watching designs, two doors for easy entry and exit, and self-tapping ice anchors which can be better to grip and will not fold under great pressure.

Picture of FatFish 9416 Pop-Up ShelterModel: FF9416I

The FatFish 9416 insulated pop-up transportable features Eskimo IQ Insulated Quilted Fabric to help keep your fishing celebration of 7-9 warm and dried out, enabling you to fish also regarding harshest of times. The level of insulation sandwiched by two layers of IceTight textile provides both you and your fishing celebration with superior defense. Coupled with the FatFish self-tapping ice anchors, big storage pockets for your ice fishing gear, two doors for easy entry and exit, YKK zippers, and reflective X-style highlighting for nighttime presence, the FatFish 9416i has everything to generally meet any ice fishing shelter requirements.

Model: FF949

The FatFish 949 pop-up shelter fits 3-4 people and offers 61 sqft of fishable area. The metal ball and socket design, along side bigger fiberglass poles, give the FatFish a very good hub design for an even more durable refuge. This portable protection and self-tapping ice anchors all squeeze into an oversized bag that can be easily carried on the back, allowing you to find a very good fishing area effortlessly. The FatFish was created with two doors on reverse edges of shelter to permit quick access on incredibly big fishing location around. Its unique X-style reflective trim allow severe ice fishermen to possess a well-marked shelter for nighttime exposure.

image of FatFish 9416i Pop-Up ShelterModel: FF949I

The FatFish 949i insulated pop-up shelter features IQ Insulated Quilted Fabric. Comprised of two levels of IceTight textile and another layer of insulation, this textile provides superior defense against the coldest of circumstances. Not only can this insulated shelter keep you cozy and dried out regarding the harshest of days, however the insulated design is 35% warmer than a comparable non-insulated protection. This pop-up transportable features 61 square feet of fishable area—enough space for three to four anglers. Also, this FatFish includes big detachable windows, self-tapping ice anchors, YKK zippers, and large mesh storage space pouches to keep your essential ice fishing gear useful.

Model: FF6120

Fish more comfortably with additional folks in FatFish™ 6120. Its wide-bottom hexagon-six-sided refuge features the wide-bottom fishable location that the FatFish™ range is renowned for. Actually, the FatFish 6120 offers 23per cent even more fishable location than just what a comparable non-wide base would offer. With FatFish styling accents, YKK® zippers, and Eskimo’s all-metal ball-and-socket hub design, the FatFish 6120 was created to resist the sun and rain. At 76” of height at center and 80 sqft of fishable area, the FatFish 6120 is sized only right—not too big, maybe not also tiny, and will comfortably fit to 5 to 7 anglers. As with any Eskimo shelters it features IceTight™ fabric, which offers as much as a 59percent higher thread count, with a typical weight cost savings of 19percent.

Model: FF6120I

The FatFish 6120i features all the features regarding the FatFish 6120 Pop-Up Portable and more. In addition to the comfortable size, YKK zippers, and powerful metal-ball-and-socket hub design, this FatFish also features Eskimo’s IQ Insulated Fabric. This fully-insulated pop-up protection is 35% hotter than similar non-insulated shelters, and will protect you against the harsh conditions of winter months.

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Ice fishing shelter
Ice fishing shelter
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