Manistee River Fishing Report

January 10, 2024
Upper Manistee River - Dry Fly

Manistee River Salmon FishingKelsey with an attractive Manistee Salmon.

Casting Thundersticks for early Salmon.

Fall Steelhead Big Manistee River.

Float fishing Fall Steelhead on beads!

Manistee River Salmon Fishing Adventures in Michigan.
Positioned in North Western Michigan, the top Manistee River is one of the most gorgeous and effective streams in Michigan. The Manistee is a big, broad river, nearly the same as the situated, Muskegon River.

Tippy Dam Salmon FishingThe Manistee River is a mecca for very early period kings. Chinook Salmon ascend the Manistee River a good thirty days before most streams in Michigan. Good variety of Salmon is caught as soon as belated July. By late August, the major Manistee Salmon run is full swing!

Manistee River Guided Fly Fishing for Salmon from the fly. We also focus on very early King Salmon on Crankbaits! The Manistee and Muskegon streams have huge amounts of Salmon and Steelhead during Fall Months.

Manistee River Steelheadwhenever fishing the Manistee River we frequently follow Chinook, Pink, Atlantic, Coho, Skamania, Steelhead, and Trout throughout the autumn months.

The major Manistee River can be mostly of the rivers in the area in which anglers can target Coho Salmon as well as Chinook and Steelhead. This river has also a really good populace of resident Brown and Rainbow Trout.

During September, we guide the Manistee River for Salmon during autumn period months for Trout, and Steelhead. The Manistee River trout fishing is also excellent during September and October for resident trout behind salmon reds. The Manistee River excels as a fly fishing River for Chicago anglers wanting big Salmon. Salmon fly-fishing on the Big Manistee Rivers is fantastic!

Ed McCoy Mouse Fishing on the Manistee River
Ed McCoy Mouse Fishing on the Manistee River
Winter Steelhead Fishing Big Manistee River Michigan
Winter Steelhead Fishing Big Manistee River Michigan
Salmon and steelhead fishing Manistee river
Salmon and steelhead fishing Manistee river
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