Ice Fishing for perch

June 30, 2024
Known as teeter pigs, these

Photo by Bill Lindner/Lindner Imagery

Jigging up perch into the dead of winter months may be enjoyable, but hauling up 14-inch fatties is absolute euphoria.

In some instances, icefishing for perch can be ridiculously easy, due largely with their voracious desire for food. Undoubtedly, catching a bucketful of dinks is normally simple young child's play. That is not the situation with big seafood. Whenever these so-called sumo perch start to chew, I become a guy on a mission.

Very first, a fundamental information: Jumbo perch are big; sumo perch are so huge they look entirely artificial, filled with painted-on stripes and orange fins. Whereas icefishermen will often determine a jumbo perch, sumo perch could make you pause for a deep breathing when they achieve the top of the hole and they are then considered. So how do you get all of them? Listed here is the lowdown.

Be a Hot Stick
Incredibly, some anglers genuinely believe that icefishing requires an easy lift and drop of a little jig in a tiny hole augered in the ice. That does actually usually benefit run-of-the-mill seafood. For super-size perch, but you will need to dissect what your lure is performing constantly. Listed here are three preferred and easy-to-master patterns.

The Deadstick: utilize a rod with a tremendously light tip and a lot of backbone, and just let the jig to stay motionless at fish-holding level.

Jig and Sit: Jigging will often bring perch in but are not able to get them to dedicate. This is the time you merely support the jig motionless. Plastics will continue to go just enough to draw attacks on many days.

The sluggish Lift: this is accomplished exactly like it sounds. After jigging to bring perch in, slowly go the lure up a few inches and hold. When they follow, repeat.

It is these subtleties that will either spook these sumo perch or encourage them to commit. Various range kinds and appeal combinations has an identical impact. To simply take these larger seafood with any sort of consistency, you need to make changes towards deliveries considering the way the perch react.

Understand Line
Range is obviously an important part of fishing equation, but it assumes increased relevance in cold temperatures, as soon as the bite can be so soft it is practically impractical to feel. But by way of new specific icefishing range, now you can view it.

Blood Run Tackle, for instance, features created an icefishing line known as Cadence which nearly the same as the old Stren Golden. An unique coating stops the line from soaking-up water, enabling much better sensitiveness. Besides, you can see this opaque range.

Bait 'Em Up
According to the lake and problems, sumo perch could be caught on dropper chains, rattle baits, or simple spoons. The Clam Drop jig, though, was my many constant big-perch appeal regardless of the pond or circumstances. It is a big tungsten jig with a line wrap taken from the top at a nearly 90-degree angle. The bigger Clam Drop jigs (7/64-oz., 9/64-oz.) have a size 10 and a size 8 hook.

These larger sizes are extremely helpful since they allow you to get down quickly, as well as the bigger hook continues to have enough space to connect these larger seafood. Most likely, anybody can capture a mess of good perch, nevertheless sumos will rock your world.

Ice fishing for Perch
Ice fishing for Perch
Sportfiskarna - Nyfiken Pimpel (Ice Fishing for Perch
Sportfiskarna - Nyfiken Pimpel (Ice Fishing for Perch ...
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