Purple Fishing Pole

May 29, 2022

As you are going through the online game, you may possibly find the six Wonderful Stones. These circular rocks aren't utilized for device updates. In the event that you collect all six of stones, visit the Harvest Goddess with the rocks in your rucksack to receive three random wishes.

If you would like get married Alisa, then you'll need certainly to gather the beautiful Stones and have the Goddess for authorization.

Each of the six colors are obtainable at specific locations:

  • Red and Orange: This rock is located by simply selecting it up from certain foraging hot-spots based in the hill areas. With regards to the season and climate, the place will change.

    Spring: go directly to the Konohana Low-Mountain location and check the bamboo plot. You are able to examine behind the waterfall in Konohana Mid-Mountain on rainy or snowy days.

    Summer time: look at the tree join Bluebell Mid-Mountain on sunny days. On rainy/snowy times, consider the spot at the top of the cliff, because of the crazy bunny, on Bluebell Low-Mountain.

    Fall: On rainy or stormy times, check out the tree stump on Konohana Low-Mountain.

    Winter: The Red and Orange Wonderfuls aren't offered.

  • Blue and Yellow: it is important to capture these colored stones when bare handed fishing on rainy times before midnight. During Spring season you can search the Konohana Low-Mountain pond plus Fall, the Bluebell Low-Mountain pond. You cannot discover yellowish and Blue stones during Summer or Winter.
  • Green and Purple: These rocks are present whenever fishing utilising the Master Rod. You'll want to finish the Master Rod request (10 Old Balls and 10 Old Boots) just before should be given the long-casting fishing pole. In Summer, seafood within Konohana Mid-Mountain fishing area (the one south associated with the waterfall, not within waterfall) on a rainy day in an attempt to capture the Green Wonderful. For Purple Wonderful, seafood at the Bluebell High-Mountain flow in winter weather on snowy days.

Once you gather all six Wonderful Stones, put them inside rucksack and toss among the Wonderfuls on the floor. The Harvest Goddess will appear and give you a random variety of three wishes:

  • I wish to be friends using Bluebell Villagers: Raise your friendship points using the villagers just who live-in Bluebell by +1000 points. This does not include wedding applicants.
  • I would like to be buddies utilizing the Konohana Villagers: elevate your friendship points because of the who live-in Konohana by +1000 points. This doesn't feature marriage applicants.
  • Get close to someone special (Girl players just): increases your relationship things utilizing the male relationship prospects by +3000 FP.
  • Get close to special someone (child players just): Raises your friendship points with the feminine marriage candidates by +3000 FP.
  • I would like the Harvest Goddess to Sing: The goddess sings, hardly any other advantage
  • Needs the Harvest Goddess to Laugh: The goddess laughs, no other benefit
  • I wish to marry Alisa (kid main personality only): Alisa should be above 55, 000 FP before this desire can appear. You must choose this wish if you want to complete Alisa's wedding requirements.

In the event that you save your game before activating your selection of three desires and you don't get what you are interested in, reload your save online game and try again. As soon as your desire has-been granted, the six Wonderful Stones will go back to the mountain to find them again. Remember that your salvage is placed back your property each day, if you reload a save online game you then must play through the day once more.

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