Antique Fishing Rods

May 15, 2019
Antique fishing rods?

photo of nice fishing items.i have already been a collector of Antique Fishing Tackle for more than 20 years. And possess been offering traditional tackle in my own shop since 1990. We collect all aspects of fishing memorabilia. About this web page, I wanted to offer a primer for classic dealers, beginning collectors, and any person interested in old tackle. It's not designed to be all comprehensive. In the bottom of the web page should be some links to many other antique fishing tackle relevant sites.

General Information:

Collecting traditional fishing tackle is becoming preferred within the last couple of years. At one time you heard "You gather just what?", and "I didn't understand anyone bought that old stuff". Today every-where you turn you will find enthusiasts and dealers in old tackle. Brand names like: Heddon; Creek Chub; Southern Bend; Pflueger; Shakespeare; paw-paw; and a large directory of others are eagerly needed by collectors. You will find collectors for lures, reels, bamboo rods, nets, creels, and merely about every type of fishing souvenirs you can imagine. Well-known resources for antique tackle are traditional stores, flea markets, yard product sales, cyberspace, recreations programs, and traditional tackle groups. The worth of tackle have actually increased sharply, and there seems to be little slowing in understanding.


Wood lures, often known as plugs, will be the mainstay of this group. The very first wood lures as a whole use were produced in the belated 1800s, the fantastic age wood lures was from about 1915 towards the 1950s. For lure collectors condition is essential. A "mint" appeal, with no harm brings more compared to the exact same connect in average or less condition. For some lures particular colors of paint, or paint styles, are believed rarer than others and will bring reduced cost. Lures that have been repainted, or which have lost a majority of their paint, have little or no price, unless they are very, very, unusual. Lots of people collect lures made by one business like Heddon; Creek Chub; Pflueger; Southern Bend; and Paw Paw, which are all names of significant lure producers. The box a lure emerged in may be really worth as much as the lure it self, in some cases much more. Early bins, for some companies, were sliding top, field jointed, and wooden. These boxes tend to be rare, and bring reasonably limited price. Most containers were made from cardboard, and several had gorgeous pictures. Early steel spoons, and spinners, have some price. Some can be quite high priced, but thus far they will have taken a back seat into the wooden plugs.


Reels are a place of collectible fishing tackle with received less attention compared to lures. Reels because of the better producers have now been collectible for decades, and most handle collectors have experienced various reels to add shade to their appeal collection. Although many collectible reels are costly and hard to find, most more prevalent reels are affordable and relatively simple discover. Early fly and casting reels with brands like Hardy, Vom Hofe, Conroy, Meek, and Milam are collectible, and may be costly. Reels by Pflueger, Shakespeare, Southern Bend, Bronson, and others are much less expensive and therefore are a welcome addition to a lot of selections. Single-action fly reels, multiplying fly reels, are both eagerly looked for. Automated fly reels less so. Casting reels, both level-wind, and non level wind are collected. spinning reels have received some interest, spin casting reels have obtained little notice. Ambassador casting reels produced by ABU in Sweden have attained a loyal after both from bass fishers and from collectors. Early reels from England and Europe have sparked some interest, but with the majority being unmarked, or in less than perfect condition, the top of the line reels have received the lions share of collectors attention. Top of the line American reels, the "Kentucky" reels, Vom Hofe's, and the like, are quickly disappearing, and are escalating in price.


Rods tend to be dominated by separate bamboo fly rods. Lately some have begun collection some of the previous fiberglass rods, a number of the split bamboo casting and spinning rods, plus some for the metal casting rods. The first European fishing rods were manufactured from different types of timber, spliced together, and had been frequently lengthy, 18ft. becoming typical. Guidelines were often made from greenheart, whale baleen, or on subsequent rods, bamboo cane. these very early rods are hard discover, but aren't excitedly sought. It absolutely was just with the belated 1800s that split bamboo had been always make the entire pole, except is some unusual circumstances. A number of the names of bamboo pole producers to look for are Granger, younger, Dickerson, Phillipson, Devine, Edwards, Thomas, Payne, Leonard, Hardy and rods designed for trademarks such as for example Abercrombie and Fitch, Heddon, South Bend, and Abbey and Imbrie. In split bamboo rods, faster is better, and problem is everything. The smaller a Bamboo pole may be the much more collectible it appears to be. 6ft.-8 1/2ft. rods appear to be more collectible. A seven base rod by a famous maker will usually be really worth 4-5 times just what a 12 foot salmon pole by the same manufacturer, regardless of the salmon rod being harder to find. State is a tougher subject. A split bamboo pole, restored to near original by a professional restorer appears to keep a lot of its price. Equivalent pole poorly restored, or used long and difficult features little value. Beware of made-up rods, which low quality cane rods, that an unscrupulous restorer has actually attached a handle from an expensive rod, then will try to pass the complete conglomeration off as a pricey rod. Definitely having a rod's original cloth case, and rod tube will enhance its worth. Guarantee any split bamboo pole is original length. Many tips will be short where pole guidelines have now been broken. Many rods was included with one or more tip. Good rule of thumb, is to lay the pole on a table, each section should be around the same size. Only a few rods were built in this way, but the majority were. In addition, any split bamboo rod must be inspected for a curve, or a collection. Once more, a sensible way to inform would be to lay the pole sections on an appartment area, and move them around, watch out for spaces formed by a bow into the rod.

Fly fishing Tackle:

There was a destination to fishing with older fly tackle that is not current along with other kinds of fishing. Numerous old split bamboo fly rods, old fly reels, and old fly-fishing add-ons are ordered for fishing, even with the large cost mounted on them. It provides you a feeling of class, record, being section of a youthful age to fool the wary trout with tackle from your own grandfather's era. Split bamboo rods will always be being meant to give these cravings, as well as hand made reels, available but albeit, pricey. A lot of old fly tackle is paid for for decorative usage, creels, old landing nets, old bamboo rods, and etc. look great hanging within the mantle. There's been a cachet of class and gentility associated with fly-fishing. A piece or two of classic fly equipment brings nobility and course to the home, along with serving as a reminder of pleasant times a field. Flies, especially those by famous tiers and full-dress salmon flies tend to be eagerly looked for, consequently they are often beautifully framed once the works of art they truly are. Travel rods, reels, creels, and the like are eagerly needed. Being part of the heritage of gentility, prices for fly tackle lead the memorabilia marketplace, and there appears no result in picture. Other more recent tackle which have gotten enthusiast's interest are some of the reels by Bogdan, Abel, Marryat, Walker and other of this custom/hand built modern-day manufacturers.

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