Telescoping Fishing Pole

May 22, 2021
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So, if your’re looking one thing stronger than those 20 foot light-weight fishing poles that sell for +, then consider our 22 base pole for .50, plus packaging and shipping prices (FedEx Ground or USPS Priority Mail). For a more cost-effective pole, after that start thinking about our 19 foot versatile (purple) unit at .00, plus packaging and delivery.

Sadly, the additional Heavy-Duty (black) 22 base pole was totally discontinued. Our importer decided that the sales volume had been insufficient to carry on production.

For total cost, use the call us connect above. Cash Orders, Bank Cashiers Checks, or PayPal would be the JUST repayment method accepted. Sorry, NO direct Bank Card transactions. Remember that you need to use a credit card through PayPal. Aditional concerns can be answered via the Contact Us website link. PLEASE, do not send payment and soon you have obtained correspondence in accordance with stock supply, total price, and payment details.

When you have a necessity for other lengths (10, 13, 16, 19, 26 or 29 ft.) of any of these, then contact us for a unique acquisition.

Tips Reach Better Heights – Stack’em!

Here's how you stack them. You take the 19 ft. Versatile (purple) pole and stack within the 22 ft. Heavy weight (green) pole to achieve a height of 29 to 31 ft. The real difference let me reveal according to the way you result in the joint. In the event that you just drop the purple pole over the green pole until it achieves a more substantial bottom part then you are restricted to 29 ft. If you shim the joint, you might enhance the upper pole another 1-2 ft. Using this method into the above style, you have upper parts of the green pole that are not used. Only pull these additional areas and save your self all of them for once you may choose to use the poles individually. It's not extremely useful to stack two of the identical kind poles. You'd only get the excess height associated with the base section (46 inches). One individual can quickly raise the 2-pole pile, simply by walking it up.

If you utilize the 32 ft heavy weight green pole, you can only obtain a supplementary 6 ft of height by stacking any of the purple poles outrageous. Because of this, we only recommend utilizing among 10 ft purple poles ($15.00) to attain 38 ft.

For guying. In a no-to-low wind environment, let's assume that the base regarding the base pole is solidly attached to an excellent basis, you almost certainly wouldn't require any guys, if you're only encouraging a vertical wire. In a windy environment, you really need to just require one group of light-weight guys around 12 to 15 ft up.


Flexible 19 ft

Model Name: Flexible 19 ft.

Extensive Length: 18 ft. 6 inches to 19 ft. 3 inches (varies according to production run)

Collapsed Length: 46 ins

Pole Weight: 2 lbs (delivery body weight is 3 lbs)

Wide range of Parts: 6

Tip Section: solid fiberglass pole tapers to 1/8 inch at top, with material eye-ring

Base part: 1 & 1/4 inches OD with slip-off plastic end-caps; material clip for attaching wire/string end

Colors: red

Price: $25.00, plus packaging and shipping expense (demand estimate via e-mail)

Guide the red pole (#1) into the picture to the right

Heavy-duty 22 ft

Model Name: High Quality 22 ft.

Extended Length: 22 ft. to 23 ft. (varies in accordance with production run)

Pole Weight: 3 lbs (shipping weight is 4 lbs)

Wide range of Areas: 7

Tip part: hollow fiberglass tube tapers to 5/16 inches at top, with material eye-ring

Base part: 1 & 1/2 inches OD with slip-off synthetic end-caps; steel clip for attaching wire/string end

Colors: dark green

Cost: $47.50, plus packaging and shipping price (demand estimate via e-mail)

Reference the dark-green pole (#2) within the photo above.

Heavy Duty 32 ft (**Now in stock**)

Model Name: High Quality 32 ft.

Prolonged Length: 31 ft.6 ins to32 ft. (varies based on manufacturing run)

Pole Weight: 5 pounds (shipping fat is 6 pounds)

Range Sections: 10

Base Section: 1 & 7/8 inches OD with slip-off synthetic end-caps; steel video for attaching wire/string end

Cost: $115.00 (includes package and shipping within ConUS) (demand quote via e-mail)

Research the dark-green pole (# 4) inside picture above.

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