Fishing and a little philosophy

May 10, 2020
Island Beach State Park Judges

Fishing is a kind of psychological unloading, first of all, of course, thanks to the beneficial effects of nature and not only.

Changing the situation, environment, circumstances allows you to evaluate differently, from a different angle, the object, the phenomenon from which you move away or vice versa, to which you are approaching. Sometimes the best solution to a problem is to remove it. Better drive away. So, if the desire to fish takes you to another city, it’s even better.

Pack your suitcase, take the necessary accessories for fishing, documents, money, grab a mens tuxedos (in case not only fishing, but also its cultural continuation will take place) and hit the road.

Fishing is perhaps the easiest way to catch your natural rhythm of life, learn to enjoy simple and natural things, understand the philosophical depth, significance and at the same time the complexity of a simple lifestyle.

Fuss, rush, piling up of everyday problems and social difficulties, which sometimes the body and the psyche can not withstand, are harmful to humans.

Live easier, limit yourself to eating, the same as in overwork, unnecessary acquaintances, things, mental torment, money, try to determine the measure of your needs and you will be physically and spiritually healthy.

Just take the first step. Let's just go and buy spinning, spinners, wading boots, a raincoat. Next - take a step beyond the threshold and get to the lake or river.

Everything else is a matter of technology. It can be easier to not take this step. But then you cannot achieve simplicity. And happiness too. Enjoy simple fishing happiness. The joy of fishing is available to everyone, and does not require any special skills, excessive for most material costs.

Image by Umut Yılman from Pixabay

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