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June 23, 2020
The Shaver Lake Trophy Trout
Photo: Jeff Brost with among the first green feminine walleye associated with the period.


The percentage authorized “a necessary kill guideline for many walleye caught in Swan Lake” in Kalispell valley which effective instantly. Fishermen must eliminate all walleye caught, phone the Kalispell FWP company (406-752-5501) within 24 hours to report their catch, and change the seafood in to FWP within 10 days. Required turn in of fish prevents collect for consumption and information highly relevant to biological and criminal investigations. Failure to do this could cause fines as much as $1, 000 and their hunting, fishing and trapping benefits revoked. Commission Chairman Dan Vermillion said he hopes the required kill purchase will serve as a disincentive to fishermen looking to install a robust walleye fishery within the Swan valley. He additionally stated this guideline isn't solely targeted at walleye but will apply to all illegal introductions of every fish species. There's been countless media protection recently about sportsman’s businesses allocating resources for persons found guilty of container biology. Walleyes infinite of Montana ended up being the initial organization to do so into the 1980’s and has now been against unlawful seafood introductions.

FWP features a 20 12 months no-fee permit because of the Bureau of Land Management to keep up the current 40 acre fishing access site regarding the reservoir that expired in May. Whenever FWP approached BLM to restore the lease, BLM offered a choice of obtaining current 40 miles and in addition another 40 acre parcel that borders the existing FAS for a filing charge of $100 for the whole 80 acres. The payment endorsed FWP’s request to perform research to be able to acquire the 80 acres of home from BLM. A 30 time community opinion period follows an environmental assessment by FWP.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks accepted some ice fishing competitions for 2015-2016.

Here ice fishing derbies tend to be authorized for the 2014-15 winter time:

Northwestern Montana, Area 1
Dec. 12, 2015 Perch Assault - Smith Lake
Dec. 13, Ice Duels Montana - Smith Lake
Dec. 20, Perch Masters - Lower Stillwater Lake
Dec. 26, Sunriser Lions Smith Lake Family Fishing Derby - Smith Lake
Jan. 23-24, Bull Lake Ice Fishing Derby - Bull Lake
Jan. 30-31, Fisher River Valley Winter Fishing Derby - Thompson Lake, et al
Feb. 1-28, Perch Pounder, 13th yearly - All area 1 Waterbodies
Feb. 6, Snappy’s Lake Mary Family Derby, sixteenth yearly – Lake Mary Ronan
Feb. 13, Ryan Wagner Memorial Ice Fishing Derby - Murphy Lake
Feb. 13-14, McGregor Lake Annual Fishing Derby - McGregor Lake
Feb. 20, Perch Assault - Center Thompson Lake
Feb. 21, Ice Duels Montana - Echo Lake
Feb. 27, Canyon Youngsters Christmas Time Fund Derby - Lion Lake
March 5, Perch Assault - Lake Mary Ronan
March 12-13, Bitterroot Bash, 5th Annual - Bitterroot Lake

picture: some very nice help from Tim, Justin, and Carl Zabrocki. Many thanks a bunch guys!South-central Montana, area 3
Jan. 17, Hebgen Lake NAIFC Qualifier - Hebgen Lake
Jan. 30, Stan Shafer Memorial Ice Fishing Derby - Clark Canyon Reservoir

North-central Montana, Area 4
Jan. 2, Scheels Ice Fishing Derby - Wadsworth Pond
Jan. 23, West Club Ice Fishing Derby - Willow Creek Reservoir
Jan. 23-24, Broadwater Lions Club Perch Derby - Canyon Ferry Reservoir

Northeastern Montana, area 6
Jan. 30, Murph's tenth Annual Memorial Ice Fishing Tournament - Nelson Reservoir
Jan. 30-31, Fresno Ice Derby, fifth yearly - Fresno Reservoir
Feb. 20, nineteenth Annual Glasgow Chamber Ice Fishing Derby - Fort Peck/Marina Bay
Feb. 20, Hell Creek Ice Fishing Tournament - Fort Peck/Hell Creek Bay

Members must adhere to state fishing laws, including daily and ownership limits. Some contests require catch-and-release fishing and individuals in these contests might not hold any fish. Email address for every competition are obtainable at FWP's site at Select "Fishing", then "Fishing Contests."

Lakes and Fishing Reports

Now that our company is into the Ice season in many areas round the state please make reference to listed here website for as much as minute Ice Fishing reports, problems, weather and a powerful way to retain in connection with various other fisherman in your town. I highly recomend producing a login so that you monitor your neighborhood an be an element of the blog.


The 2015 walleye spawn is formally underway in Big Dry supply of Fort Peck Reservoir. But Mother Nature is not sure what time of year it's. 2 days ago water surface conditions were approaching 55 levels within the shallower areas had been our pitfall nets are found. Today liquid temperatures dropped to 46 levels due to the cold front side that moved through. Actually, we really experienced several snowflakes while examining our trap nets. It’s hard to believe conditions were in the upper 70’s two times ago and now we had been putting on tees.

The hot and stable weather condition a few days ago managed to trigger a couple of walleye to start cruising the shorelines. Much like the start of every walleye spawn, male walleye will be more numerous. That design holds true once more. A majority of the walleye captured in pitfall nets had been guys, but we also captured a few green (not releasing eggs) females.

Water temperatures when you look at the Big Dry Arm of Fort Peck Reservoir are cool but have actually remained stable since the last inform. Liquid surface temperatures today were 43-44 degrees throughout our trap netting locations. Since liquid temperatures are cool and it is nevertheless early in the season, walleye spawning activity continues to be slow. Even though we haven't grabbed many walleye however, we've been gathering sufficient green females throughout the last a number of days where their particular just starting to accumulate. We're currently keeping 79 green females in our holding pens. We will consistently hold and monitor these feminine walleye until they ripen (launch eggs). Warmer climate becomes necessary in order for them to ripen, but it appears like another cool front side could be headed our means.

Brrrrrr….. The weather has taken a turn for worse into the Big Dry supply of Fort Peck Reservoir. The cold front side we mentioned within the last inform made its existence understood these days. Obviously, water temperatures haven't warmed-up. Liquid surface temperatures were 42-44 levels these days while examining our pitfall nets. This carried on air conditioning trend hasn't encouraged a lot of an increase in walleye spawning activity.

Amounts of green female walleye captured in trap nets reduced from 36 on Sunday to 21 today. But we had been eventually able to capture sufficient ready feminine walleye inside trap nets (over the last couple of days) and some ripes from holding pencils to carry 1st egg-take associated with season. We built-up 3.2 million eggs from 26 females on Sunday. We are in the board for the 12 months, but we have ways to achieve our goal of 50 million eggs.

Weather conditions have actually enhanced when you look at the Big Dry supply of Fort Peck Reservoir considering that the last revision. The cold front that relocated through location wasn't since serious since it could’ve already been. The snowfall has melted and liquid surface temperatures warmed to 43-45 levels today while examining our trap nets. Walleye spawning task in addition is apparently getting slowly because the final inform. These days we captured 12 green females in comparison to 9 green females on Tuesday. Additionally, we are beginning to see even more ripe female walleye when you look at the trap net and some more ripen within our holding pencils. The continued rise in ready females allowed united states to keep our 2nd egg-take of season. Around 8.5 million eggs had been gathered now from 43 huge, egg-laden walleye. This brings the sum total to 11.8 million eggs for the period.

The weather conditions remain positive into the Big Dry supply of Fort Peck Reservoir. But the final two days have now been somewhat bumpy into the ships when venturing on the water. Liquid surface conditions today had been 47-49 degrees while checking our pitfall nets. This gradual heating trend features encouraged a rise in walleye spawning activity throughout the last several times.

HMONG FISHING - Fresno, Cali Aqueduct 40 pound Striper
HMONG FISHING - Fresno, Cali Aqueduct 40 pound Striper
Fishing Report: Week of Nov. 4
Fishing Report: Week of Nov. 4
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