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March 4, 2024
Best Ice Fishing Camera

MarCum Underwater Cameras not merely For Ice SeasonShould I remain or should I get?

Exactly how many times has actually that question crossed the mind when anchored on a spot that you just know should hold seafood, but has actually for whatever reason not yet yielded also a nibble.

Should I remain or can I go? … if perhaps there have been somehow to understand!

There clearly was! It’s a MarCum underwater camera system.

“i enjoy make use of my MarCum underwater camera to find and find seafood, similar to I do for hunting season, placing on trail cameras ahead of the deer period to understand, precisely, deer movements, ” explains MarCum Pro-Staffer Tony Roach, a year-round fishing guide on Mille Lacs Lake. “It’s no various with fishing. I Would Like To get these underwater cameras down to see where these fish are in.”

An angler, guide and innovator on tough water, Roach is no slouch on open liquid. Throughout months, he makes use of MarCum technology to locate fish-holding construction and expel lifeless water.

“At any given time, they say, 90 % of catchable seafood are in ten percent of water, ” Roach recalls. “An underwater digital camera, combined with your boat’s sonar unit, will tell you right away which per cent you’re fishing in, and whether you ought to go.”

When Roach scouts most likely open-water hot spots together with his MarCum camera, he searches for structure and breaklines, the existence of baitfish or any other forage, and schools of game seafood. Ice Force Pro-Staffer and In-Depth Outdoors television Holst James Holst makes use of a MarCum underwater digital camera similarly.

“I’ll fall a digital camera whenever I wish to much better evaluate anything fascinating I’m seeing on my electronic devices, ” Holst describes. “That may be anything as simple as verifying a transition in weed types, or stone size and structure.”

Holst will often lower a digital camera over a school of seafood he’s found on his boat’s sonar unit to determine in the event that seafood will be the species he’s focusing on – walleyes in the place of redhorse suckers, for example. The two usually share similar real estate.

“we don’t catch suckers, so I’ve found the camera to be an invaluable tool for sorting the wheat from the chaff, as we say, ” he explains.

Scouting potential ice-fishing spots
Even yet in your dog times of summertime, ICE POWER Pro-Staffer Will Roseberg features ice fishing on his brain. For this reason the MarCum underwater digital camera in the vessel.

“The most readily useful season to use your underwater digital camera for ice fishing is right now, ” he explains. “To incomparable ice fishing, leave to possible areas and employ your camera to discover not only weed patches and rock piles, but to find the best kinds of weeds or bigger boulders.”

As he sees prospective fish-holding address and construction, he falls a waypoint in the handheld GPS product he makes use of on the ice.

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