Fly Fishing Chest Packs

December 26, 2019
Waist or Chest Pack?

Fly fishing vests now includes all technical functions and innovations you have been looking forward to. From built-in retractors, fly patches, revolutionary and roomy storage space for fly boxes of any dimensions, and so much more. The new vests start around conventional to technical continue to be the most famous option among trout fishermen. Consider our selection of vests from Simms, Fishpond, William Joseph, Patagonia and Orvis.

Chestpacks have taken the utility regarding the fly-fishing vest to another level. There are designs to generally meet any fishing scenario whether you want to go light or carry anything you own onto the stream. Some chest pack styles are preferred for those with throat issues where body weight distribution throughout the arms is essential. Browse our amazing choice of upper body packs from Fishpond, William Joseph, Patagonia, Orvis and Simms.

Whenever fishing regarding remote flats people favorite saltwater location or wet wading neighborhood warmwater hotspot for big bass, a fanny pack is generally all you need. Browse our great choice of flats and fanny packs. These packages boast more and more technical styles and tend to be today full of incredible functions to boost your fishing knowledge.

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Fly-fishing vests and chestpacks have developed to include really technical and new functions. A group of backpacks displaying the best features of your preferred vest or chestpack is among these innovations. You will carry-all kit you need for a long love to a remote part of your chosen lake rather than give up overall performance of the equipment on hike or even the water. Check-out our great variety of packs from Fishpond, William Joseph, Patagonia and Orvis.
Hydration & Liquid Bladders

If your not vest guy and being minimalist can be your objective, after that a lanyard is the solution available. Lanyards have actually numerous hooks and places for all you standard fly-fishing requirements; including zingers and floatant holders.

Fly fishing chest pack
Fly fishing chest pack
Fishpond Savage Creek Chest Pack Fly Fishing
Fishpond Savage Creek Chest Pack Fly Fishing
FishPond DoubleHaul Chest/Backpack
FishPond DoubleHaul Chest/Backpack
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