Fishing Report San Diego

September 26, 2021
Great Quality - we'd another great day today, fishing for the breathtaking level tuna. Many fish had been once more 130 to 190 lbs. with an extra 3 cows these days. Lynn accurate got a 225, Bob Cross 245, and Ivan Fujinaka got a 257 pound. beast. Things check out be on up move so we aspire to keep carefully the ball rolling for the following 2 days before phoning it quits. Wish us chance, Jeff
VALENTINES DAY MASSACRE - We hope everybody had of the same quality a-day as we performed away right here. Gooood fishing once more for 130 to 215 pound tuna, a beneficial average, 150 lbs. I would imagine. An excellent early morning hit and good afternoon hit for us. Some great Wahoo were around too. The topper had been a 150 lb. kamikaze fish caught by Lynn accurate at nighttime today . Most people are performing great, plus the weather can be great as you could imagine. We will keep with it, water yal later on, Jeff
IT IS A LOT MORE LIKE IT - The fishing these days had been legislation biting fish, great fishing circumstances. Many fish today had been of the 140 to 180 pound. class with a few larger and some smaller. One 215 pound. seafood made its way on the boat and 2 other bigguns escaped. Everyone else got to yank in a fish or two today, so we are likely to remain tight and try once more tomorrow. many photos today but they wouldn't send. Great weather, sea ya tomorrow, Jeff

ENHANCEMENT - These days was like we were truly fishing. Great scratching at 120 to 185 lb. tuna with a decent showing on 140 to 170 pound. grade. Excellent weather condition plus some more Wahoo within the combine aswell. I'm we had countless chances these days, nevertheless ball don't move our way, maybe tomorrow. Water ya after that, Jeff
ENHANCEMENT - Today ended up being slightly much better getting for all of us as circumstances had been better typically. There have been Wahoo around biting, plus some tuna up to 160 pounds. we will hold attempting, therefore wish us luck, the current weather is outstanding too, water ya later, Jeff
MEDIOCRE BEGIN - Today we started out scratching Wahoo, then a slow choose on tuna. Great weather condition is abound therefore we basically getting going so wish united states chance for the next day please. Water ya after that Jeff

- One of our stellar crewmen, Romolino Ghio very recently lost the love of their life Jenny Jimenez. It was a-sudden tragic reduction, and there's no easy reason or justification for this . Sadness for Romolino and Jenny's household is permanently likely to be sensed. The entire autonomy company and all sorts of the people that understand Romo, and Jenny desire their particular condolences in their mind. Kindly state a prayer or two for all of them, and God bless all of them, Jeff, Mark, Paul plus the Indy individual you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. Judy
SEEKER 15 DAY ULTRA LIMITED LO - Seeker restricted 15 time. We now have enjoyed a couple of really outstanding vacation times out right here, oil calm circumstances, a well meshed super friendly team agreeable, plus some great baseball yesterday. Everingham bros. provided a good load of bait, therefore we've been rigging up full-speed under hot bright skies. With two even more travel days going we now have however more rigging and final variations ahead of the process begins. We welcome our charter master Eric Maulhardt, mr. Seeker himself aboard, and there were numerous lucky recipients that currently have another brand-new seeker rod to increase their particular arsenal. We will report all when we have actually some thing to share, so until then, tight lines, Jeff together with Indy crew

- The Independence returned yesterday with an excellent catch of Yellowfin and Wahoo. 6 tuna throughout the 200 pound. mark made their particular means onboard together with almost all the remainder had been all beauties. A big congrats to everyone for assembling a superb journey and several as a result of all besides. Bryan Porter had been as constantly the fantastic number he could be. Jack pot champions tend to be below: first location Able Saldana 235# Yellowfin; 2nd place Bryan Porter 225 lb Yellowfin; third place Sergio Perez 215 lb Yellowfin. plus the other fortunate cow catchers ...Robert Claproth 214, Gregory Williams 207, and Niphon Wongrassamee... Thanks once more to everyone and then we'll sea you all the following year, Jeff and also the Indy team - Hi Anglers, the arrival day for Indy is 1/31/2016..Watch for ETA. Jeff will notify myself Saturday at some point..Thanks
Going Residence - great traveling lately, lots of seafood tales, flicks and roentgen & R. Here's some more pics through the journey. Looking towards proceeding back off next trip.
Good scratching these days - We had another great day catching 100 to 185 lb. tuna. The possibilities had been designed for those that place in the full time. Over all grade is a great 125 to 170 lbs. with a few bigger...
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