Lead Core Fishing Line

June 3, 2024
45 LB Lead Core-Different
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Color-Metered For Precision Trolling

Tightly braided high tenacity plastic multifilament yarn encapsulates a 99.9% pure lead core. Our "pure" lead construction offers an inferior diameter than standard lead core lines. Colors metering every 10 yards with increased presence dye enables the angler to instantly figure out level. A necessity for each and every angler who needs extra weight for deep water trolling.

The sink rate of your Lead Core range is suffering from numerous aspects, primarily ship rate, lure weight and existing. We do, but have actually an easy formula for standard sink prices under a certain condition, which relates to our entire variety of Lead Core lines. When trolling at sluggish to medium speeds (1.5-2.5mph) using a one-ounce lure in no present; the conventional level are going to be 6 to 6-1/2 feet of level per color or 1.25 feet per 2 yards of range. This level will likely be effected either up or down by .25 foot for each and every 1/4 ounce of lure weight. The level will not vary significantly between lb examinations as a result of the range drag developed by the more expensive pount test lines.

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Product Details:

10 Colors

Available Diameters:
Ranked pound test Mono equivalent Actual Break strength Diameter in inches Diameter in mm
12 LB 20 LB 18 LBS 0.026 0.662
15 LB 25 LB 19 LBS 0.027 0.687
18 pound 30 pound 23 LBS 0.029 0.738
27 LB 35 LBS 0.033 0.840
36 pound 35 LB 38 LBS 0.035 0.891
45 pound 40 pound 51 LBS 0.037 0.941
60 pound 50 pound 62 LBS 0.040 1.018
Source: www.tuf-line.com
Trout Fishing Tutorial - Lead Core Trolling, Looking for
Trout Fishing Tutorial - Lead Core Trolling, Looking for ...
Leadcore Walleyes
Leadcore Walleyes
Leadcore Leader
Leadcore Leader
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