Hand Line Fishing

February 3, 2021
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Vegetarian boaters should read no more, this is not for you. But handline fishing is an art and craft that most various other cruising sailors should acquaint themselves with. Do not be postponed by the word 'handline' - you don't need to hold all of it enough time. Just hold back until a hooked seafood declares its predicament, after that haul it in.

We're perhaps not speaing frankly about sport fishing right here - sailboat fishing is all about catching seafood for eating.

Much more very good news...

You won't need any costly rods and reels.

Handline fishing gear is not difficult, robust and inexpensive.

Once you have tasted very first handline-caught fish, i am pretty sure might agree totally that the financial investment was cheap without a doubt.

A Handline Fishing Rig for Sailing Offshore

Here's the essential gear, a simple handline fishing rig for trolling offshore...

Only 100 feet (30m) of 300lb primary range, simple swivel and another 20 legs (7m) of 300lb leader attached to a skirted trolling lure.

You may not be able to link protected knots in this heavy line; just crimped connections will hold under load.

Remember that the trolling weight regarding the primary range is recommended - only make use of it in the event that lure skips over the area and will not submerge. For best results the lure should 'swim' a couple of feet underneath the surface, but should break the area every few seconds before submerging once more.

Search for the bubble path streaming out of the lure. This is basically the sign of an excellent, fish-catching appeal because it's this that creates 'noise' within the liquid and appeals to the seafood towards appeal.

Whatever style of trolling appeal you use for handline fishing, make sure to always check it now and then to remove any flotsam it may have obtained, redeploy it and await the arrival of Neptune's bounty.

Make use of a Snubber Line for Handline Fishing

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This will be an essential inclusion to any trolling handline. The 'snubber' may be the bungee cable; it acts as a shock absorber and can avoid the fish from tearing itself free from the hook with regards to first realises it is in a spot of trouble. It also lets you know when you have a fish. If it is completely extended, get drawing!


Just published, the e-book which has everything you need to know about getting fish from a sailboat.

Source: www.sailboat-cruising.com
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