Napa River Fishing Report

April 1, 2024
The South Fork is in perfect

Tide tables and solunar tables for recreation fishers in Napa (Napa River). See the forecast for large tides and reasonable tides before setting out to fish, along with other fishing-related data for instance the lunar phase, tidal coefficient, sun and moon increasing and establishing times, hours of optimum fish task, climate conditions in Napa (Napa River) ...

We wish you to enjoy towards the maximum a well thought out fishing expedition! All the best!

Tide Chart: high tides and reasonable tides in Napa (Napa River) today

These days Tuesday, sixteenth of February of 2016, sunlight will rise in Napa (Napa River) at 6:57 am and sunset is going to be at 5:50 pm. Today we begin the day using the moon already visible into the sky, so first we will have the moonset, which will occur at 2:01 am at 292 northwest. Sooner or later, the moon will rise again into the northeast (68) at 12:34 pm.

In high tide and reasonable tide chart, we could note that the very first reduced wave is going to be at 1:55 am plus the next low tide at 3:27 pm. The first high-tide would be at 7:55 am plus the next high-tide at 9:58 pm.

The lunar stage is a Waxing Gibbous. Today we are going to have 10 hours and 53 minutes of sun. The solar power transportation are at 12:23 pm additionally the length of time the moon would be noticeable is 13 hours and 27 mins.

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The tidal coefficient these days is 49, a decreased value, therefore the number (difference between high-tide and reasonable wave) will undoubtedly be below on various other occasions in addition to currents may also be little. At noon the tidal coefficient increases to 50 to finish the day with a tidal coefficient of 52. The wave levels today are 2.0 ft, 7.5 ft, 0.3 ft and 5.2 ft. We are able to compare these amounts because of the maximum high tide recorded when you look at the wave tables for Napa (Napa River) which is of 8.9 ft and the very least height of -1.6 ft.

High tides and reasonable tides in Napa (Napa River)

Solunar chart for Napa (Napa River) these days

The solunar fishing diary in Napa (Napa River) informs us that today is a good day for fishing, the fish activity forecast is large. Please, find out more about solunar tables. The best times of time for fishing tend to be:

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