Fly Fishing Poles

August 24, 2022
2.7m / 8.86 Ft 5/6# 4

Directions:Drive east on Hwy 100 from Brownsville. Port Isabel is just if your wanting to cross the bridge to Southern Padre Island. The pole is close to a bait shop within last signal ahead of the bridge, nearby to your lighthouse. Turn left before crossing the bridge.

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Planet's Greatest Fly Fishing Rod and Reel

Another attraction we found via Roadside America. Since we had been when you look at the community, we'd to go set for a closer look.

Roadside The united states app Planet's Greatest Fly Fishing Pole

My family and I were seeing South Padre Island with family members and ended in Port Isabel for lunch. The huge fly-fishing pole straight away caught my eye. The pole is part of a small playground like environment which includes a painted dolphin, fiberglass pirate and a huge sheet metal tarpon jumping from the water. The fly-fishing rod is posted whilst the "planet's Largest." It really is really crafted and coated. It might be a little improved insurance firms a line and huge hook connected as a result to your huge steel tarpon seafood.

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Pole Dancer - fly fishing
Pole Dancer - fly fishing
Fly Fishing with a cane pole 1
Fly Fishing with a cane pole 1
The Cat-Fish Is a Fly Fishing Pole Cat Toy
The Cat-Fish Is a Fly Fishing Pole Cat Toy
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