Lake Texoma fishing license

June 7, 2022
Fishing Lake Texoma - Texas

Any person who takes or attempts to just take fish, mussels, clams, crayfish or other aquatic life when you look at the public oceans of Tx need a current Tx fishing permit using proper recommendation. A saltwater endorsement must fish in seaside oceans; a freshwater recommendation is required for inland seas. See permit costs and plans.

Recreational fishermen must-have a Texas fishing license and saltwater recommendation to carry any fish taken in federal seas ashore in Tx (see Fishing in Federal Waters).


Fishing licenses aren't needed for:

  • Young ones under 17 years
  • Mentally disabled people that engaged in recreational fishing under guidance included in medically authorized therapy (for lots more details, see Fishing permits).
  • Psychologically handicapped persons fishing underneath the direct supervision of an authorized angler that is a relative or has permission through the family to take the mentally handicapped individual fishing.

No-one requires a license or stamp recommendation on complimentary Fishing Day, held annually in the first Saturday in Summer. In 2016, totally free Fishing Day is Summer 4.

Note: a hunting permit is needed to hunt non-protected turtles and frogs.

Fishing in State Parks

  • A fishing license and endorsement are not needed if fishing on State Park home or in oceans entirely enclosed by a situation Park.
  • On man-made frameworks (docks, piers, jetties, etc.) within condition areas, fishing is through pole-and-line only, with each person limited to two poles. All the other fishing laws, such as for instance size and case restrictions, stay static in impact.
  • Bow fishing is not allowed on state park residential property.

Private Liquid, Professional Land

  • A fishing permit is not needed to fish in privately owned lakes or ponds.
  • For persons fishing in public places liquid from private home, a fishing permit is required.
  • It's illegal to fish on privately possessed liquid, or enter personal land to fish in public areas liquid, without present permission regarding the owner or the owner's representative.

Tournament Fraud

It's unlawful to enter fish in a saltwater or freshwater fishing tournament having had the distance or fat altered, had been taken unlawfully, or tend to be fraudulently misrepresented.

It is a violation to:

  • Simply take, destroy, or disturb water turtles or ocean turtle eggs. If you land a-sea turtle, kindly straight away call the aquatic Mammal Stranding Network at (866) 887-8535 for here is how to manage the turtle.
  • Just take or destroy diamondback terrapin, sawfish of every types, porpoises, dolphins (mammals), or whales. There is no available period, case or ownership limitation for marine animals.
  • Make use of any vessel to harry, herd or drive fish including, yet not limited to, operating any vessel in a repeated circular training course, for the intended purpose of or causing the concentration of fish for the goal of using or attempting to just take fish.

Tagging Fish

It's unlawful to release to the community waters of this state a seafood with a tool or substance implanted or attached that is created, constructed or adjusted to make an audible, aesthetic or digital sign always monitor, track, follow, or in any way assist in the positioning of released seafood. Its legal to place an identification label externally of a fish and release this seafood into public seas. Caution is preferred as use of these tags could harm fish.

Spend of seafood

It is illegal to go out of delicious fish or bait fish obtained from the general public oceans of state to die with no intention to hold the fish for consumption or bait.

Possession of Fish Obtained From Public Liquid

Any fish caught needs to be taken by appropriate means and methods.

Fish caught and straight away released aren't regarded as within ownership. Any seafood maybe not straight away circulated which are retained through the use of almost any keeping unit including stringer, cooler, livewell, or bucket are believed in your control and must abide by established protected size and case limits.

While fishing, its unlawful to stay ownership of more fish as compared to everyday case limit or fish that are within a protected length limit.

To validate length and species, a seafood caught may not have the top or end removed and could never be filleted until an angler finally lands the catch from the mainland, a peninsula, or barrier area excluding jetties or piers and will not transport the catch by boat. Broadbill swordfish, shark and king mackerel could have the pinnacle or end removed, nevertheless carcass must stay undamaged that will not be filleted.

Any seafood obtained from public water and arrived by-boat or person in Tx must follow the protected size restrictions and day-to-day bag and ownership restrictions set up for those seafood in Texas, regardless of the condition or country which they certainly were caught.

The bag limit for a led fishing party is equal to the full total wide range of individuals inside motorboat accredited to fish or otherwise exempt from keeping a permit minus each fishing guide and fishing guide deckhand multiplied because of the case limit for each species gathered.

Border Liquid License Demands

each fish landed in Tx must conform to Tx bag and length limits. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Texas-Oklahoma and Texas-Arkansas

  • In Oklahoma or Arkansas seas of Red River, the requirements of those says use, including fishing regulations.
  • Someone must-have a legitimate Texas fishing license to fish from Texas lender from Denison Dam denison_dam.gif to Shawnee Creek (see example). An Oklahoma fishing license is required to wade-fish or fish from a boat in these waters.
  • An Oklahoma resident 65 years old or older is exempt from fishing permit demands in Texas, including on Lake Texoma.
  • A person may fish in Texas or Oklahoma oceans on Lake Texoma only with the appropriate permit from particular condition, unless the person possesses a Lake Texoma fishing permit, which can be legitimate anywhere on Lake Texoma.
  • On Red River below Denison Dam, you with a Tx fishing permit may fish south of the line between edge markers 1 and 2 regarding the referenced chart.
  • GPS coordinates are the following: Marker 1- (Lat 33.81892, Lengthy -96.56806), Marker 2- (Lat 33.81986, Long -96.5556)


Residents of either state, who are precisely licensed in their state (or are exempt considering age), or individuals just who hold good non-resident fishing permits issued by either state may fish in almost any part of the lakes and rivers forming a common boundary between Louisiana and Tx inland from a line across Sabine Pass between Texas aim and Louisiana aim. Fish arrived in Tx must follow the Tx bag and length restricts.

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