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December 8, 2019

Alaska Rainbow TroutHi! If you’re selecting our blog posts on rainbow trout, just scroll in down! We’ll begin with some home elevators rainbow trout at Alaska western.

Leopards and tigers and bears, oh my! Well two outta three ain’t bad. There are lots of claims of various other rivers in Alaska becoming residence on legendary Leopard Rainbow Trout. And even though it might be true to only a degree, this is basically the place in which they were perfected.

Few locations in the world have actually rainbows this quite. Thick blood red side stripes pour from crimson gill dishes accenting their broad-shouldered heavy bellied deep-green bodies which can be covered with black colored places that ooze into one another, like their particular huge cat namesake. But don’t let these apperance fool you. One glance at the food opening of a mouth on these critters will clue you into the undeniable fact that they're rodent-eating, egg stealing, carcass guarding lake serpents. They truly are far-removed from their wimpy midge drinking kin into the reduced forty-eight.

We are really pleased with our rainbows, once we are of your local resident types. Out of this respect we have adopted a strict fly-only, catch and launch policy so that you can make sure the lasting defense of one of our biggest and most special fishery sources.

We utilize a multitude of techniques when concentrating on our rainbows, and we fish in very much various kinds of liquid. Flesh flies, egg imitations, sculpin patterns and leeches all work well at certain times from the Kanektok. Mousing for rainbows is regarded as the most popular recreations of all of the. We fish big-water snags, ledges and dropoffs, upriver spawning beds and little tiny side networks with scarcely a trickle of movement.

Lots of your fishing for rainbows occurs by foot. We sometimes fish from our jet ships in ‘drift boat’ mode. We also choose to spey fish for trout – here’s some all about the reason we believe spey fishing for trout is fun, what forms of equipment we utilize, and techniques that really work best.


We recommend 6 to 7 body weight high-quality, fast activity rods with the capacity of casting mouse patterns and split shot, and dealing with the sporadic rogue salmon which will strike your trout fly. Drift fishing may be snag intensive therefore expect you'll utilize a little heavier frontrunner for trout than most people are accustomed to. Rainbows regarding Kanektok can range from 12 to 30 plus inches!


To fit rod with method to strong drag.


Floating outlines with 120 yards of backing tend to be common. We sporadically utilize extremely quick sinktips.


8 to 12 pound monofilament.

Exactly about Rainbow Trout in Alaska

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trout fishing gear
trout fishing gear
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