Patagonia Fly Fishing

August 1, 2023
Intro & About the Area

Men's Rio Gallegos Zip-Front Waderstake a peek inside a couple of Patagonia waders: You’ll see a distinctive serial number that songs everything into the creation of that set.

It’s the work of Patagonia’s Wader Task Force—a crowd, from chemical engineers and textile designers to designers and area testers, all focused on one task: building top waders.

Tracking every detail, each time is merely part of what they do. The Wader Task Force is a continuous procedure of inquiry, a comments cycle which takes everything we study on evaluating, design and manufacturing and is applicable it towards the development of the next generation of waders.

Jeff Hickman releases a feisty chum salmon between close-call grizzly activities on British Columbia's Kimsquit River. JEREMY KORESKI

Patagonia’s 2016 waders: re-engineered from booties up.

A greater upper-body fit, articulated legs, newly structured gravel protections and poly-lined anatomical booties make the Rio Gallegos to a different level of comfort, overall performance and durability when it comes to most specialized fishermen. Get an internal have a look at all of the features at neighborhood fly shop.

Guys's Rio Gallegos Zip-Front Waders

Håkan Stenlund attempts to capture brownies along with his tenkara pole while Ruben your dog watches from a length safe enough never to frighten the timid trout. GOSTA FRIES

Håkan Stenlund

Being outside over indoors can be as normal to ambassador Håkan Stenland as putting animal meat in boiled coffee. “To let you know the reality, it’s anything you probably must figure out how to enjoy, ” he says—more in reference to the savory beverage from his house of Swedish Lappland than his days afield there.

Learn More About Håkan

Serious Wading Equipment

Once the wind double-hauls together with clouds let travel, you do what any practical angler would: Throw a tighter loop and grin ear to ear. Designed, tested and designed with feedback from some of the finest female fishermen on earth, our women's fly-fishing range provides all technical features really serious anglers need to fish comfortably all-day.

Ladies Spring River Waders and River Salt Jacket
Fly Fishing Patagonia
Fly Fishing Patagonia
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Fly Fishing Patagonia 2012
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