Fly Fishing Wyoming

August 14, 2017
Fishing in crystalline lakes

click mapSouthwest Wyoming is the greatest held flyfishing key left within the reduced 48 says!

The low Green River tailwater below Fontenelle Dam and dozens of wild hill freestone channels moving from enormous Wyoming number all provide pristine options and “quality flyfishing without the crowds of people” for extremely big trout, all within a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Jackson or Salt Lake City.

Fishing the Smith’s Fork and Fontenelle Creek is like using a step back in time, whenever there have been just crazy, obvious, cool freestone hill channels; before dams! Wildlife abounds and you may fish for a complete summer without fishing the same location two times. We've usage of a few miles of the greatest private fishing regarding three most useful channels in your community. The optimum time to fish this region is from July 1st through October 31st . Come float the Green River with our guides and wade-fish on sprawling ranches where trout tend to be wild as well as the surroundings is boundless!

Van’s Green River operations tend to be based out-of Kemmerer, Wyoming, a little over couple of hours from Salt Lake City. From here we fish the Green River above and below Fontenelle Reservoir; two lengthy exercises of Fontenelle Creek; the Ham’s Fork, which works through Kemmerer; additionally the Smiths Fork, which can be about one hour from Kemmerer. Each one is fabulous fisheries, each providing different things, and all have actually “quality fly-fishing with no crowds of people.”

You can find nice accommodations in Kemmerer and there are several restaurants to choose from but Kemmerer is not a big visitor town. Customers come here to seafood! There aren't any five-star lodges, fancy restaurants or hopping clubs right here. Simply standard stuff and great fishing possibilities, and of course, professional, experienced guides from the Solitary Angler.

Numerous clients have actually combined fishing here using the Green River below Flaming Gorge and/or Snake River near Jackson, and a lot of let me know this was their most favorite component and they caught bigger and quite often much more fish right here. Many have actually explained here is the most useful trout fishing they had!

Southwest Wyoming Fly Fishing
Southwest Wyoming Fly Fishing
Wyoming Fly Fishing - Ending
Wyoming Fly Fishing - Ending
Wyoming Fly Fishing Grey Reef Anglers Miracle Mile
Wyoming Fly Fishing Grey Reef Anglers Miracle Mile ...
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