Dacron Fishing Line

April 21, 2020
Gamefish Technologies Marlin

Braided-Dacron item imageIdeal for trolling, casting and base fishing

The greatest quality Dacron® materials and most advanced braiding devices in the market tend to be combined to make this advanced range. Its reduced stretch offers fast a reaction to attacks and increases susceptibility. The spliceable construction and especially developed wax eradicate knot energy loss, cutting your chances of lost seafood. Braided Dacron® outlines can be purchased in a variety of lengths and lb tests, all with I.G.F.A endorsement.

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Item Details:


Salt & Pepper


Fluorescent Orange


Readily Available Diameters:
Rated pound test Mono equivalent Real Break strength Diameter in ins Diameter in mm
20 LB 22 LBS 0.019 0.483
30 LB 32 LBS 0.028 0.712
40 LB 43 LBS 0.036 0.916
50 LB 51 LBS 0.045 1.145
80 LB 79 LBS 0.078 1.985
100 LB 99 LBS 0.085 2.163
130 pound 131 LBS 0.095 2.417
160 pound 162 LBS 0.110 2.799
180 LB 184 LBS 0.134 3.410
200 pound 201 LBS 0.167 4.249
250 pound 253 LBS 0.198 5.038

Professional Team Notes:

Rich Johnson

We spend as numerous hours as you can fishing overseas into the Atlantic. I've never ever made use of an item with as much success and trust as that of TUF-Line XP. I mightn’t rely upon something that don't do and I also certainly wouldn't explore the merchandise back at my radio and television shows. TUF-Line is hands down ideal braid that We have ever before made use of.

Source: www.tuf-line.com
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