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January 24, 2023
Lund Fishing Boats Silver

Lund will offer two Fury models. The 1600 is 16’2” long with a 6’1” ray, and it is offered with tiller steering or with a side console for remote steering. It’s rated for approximately 40 hp in either configuration. There’s additionally a 14’9” 1400 Fury that is an inch narrower, and comes only with a tiller engine around 30 hp. The Fury designs have actually a-flat floor and pedestal chairs, and will replace the bench-seat WC Deluxe models in the Lund range. The Fury range will probably be cost-effective enough to be an extra boat for a few proprietors, or a boat for periodic anglers whom don’t need sink big bucks into a weekend fishing rig. Prices from the 1600 Fury begins at $7, 895 with a rope-start, 25-hp Mercury four-stroke engine and a ShoreLand’r trailer. The vessel we tested had a Merc 25 with electric start and energy trim, which bumps the purchase price to $8, 695. The 1600 SS Fury with a side console starts at $8, 995 with a Merc 25.

The old WC Deluxe had the classic Lund running surface, with a-flat base aft and radiused chines. The brand new Fury utilizes the latest Lund Integrated Power Strake (IPS) hull form, with six levels of deadrise and a-flat pad area on the centerline aft. The entry forward can also be deeper than the old-style hull, and Lund claims the end result is a smoother ride and enhanced performance, as that pad is meant to feed less-turbulent water into propeller. This hull comes with a couple of lifting strakes and a wide spray railway that runs through the transom into the bow. As with any Lund boats, the Fury functions all-riveted building.

The Fury interior offers a lot of storage space rooms for a boat this dimensions, plus some basic fishing amenities. The flat floor offers solution to inwale storage space lockers port and starboard, with area for twelve 7.5-foot rods. Here’s a pleasant detail – the bottom of these outboard lockers perspectives up towards the bow so rods remainder amount, and to keep smaller sized items from bouncing or rolling ahead and unrealistic. The motorboat includes two pedestal fishing chairs, and there’s one seat socket regarding the raised bow casting platform. There are two even more storage compartments in bow deck, plus storage space in bow peak mounting dish, which can be large enough to just accept a trolling motor. A 10-gallon reside really, 34” long, is located at the aft end of bow platform. The Fury comes with easy-to-clean vinyl floors regarding main deck, and carpeting from the bow platform and on top of the side lockers. Vinyl in the bow deck is an option. Chrome-plated cleats are positioned inside hull just below the gunwale, in which they won’t snag fishing line.

The splash really is approximately 11” deep, and will not quite protect the lightweight gas container that stows below, but Lund explains that this in addition provides some more inches of interior space. The synthetic fuel container isn't secured, so that it might jump around some with regards to’s near empty and light. There’s in addition a cut-out the bilge pump beneath the splash really, therefore the battery pack is guaranteed here in a great rack. I’d like to see Lund tidy-up the wiring under right here, perhaps placing the key use in a plastic conduit. Switches for lights and real time really are on a panel regarding the port inwale, facing the operator, in which there’s in addition space and use of energy for mounting accessory electronic devices.

It absolutely was a very harsh afternoon when I motored the Fury onto a Minnesota pond for a test run in October. With a traveler, we had about 250 pounds of fat when you look at the vessel, and it planed down nicely with the 25-hp Merc operating a 9.5-pitch prop. On level water we saw a high speed of approximately 21 to 22 miles per hour on GPS. I don’t look at dependence on even more power with this watercraft. I also will never spend $400 in energy trim because of this boat unless I happened to be planning to see plenty of shallow water. The Fury ran at a great position using the motor trimmed down, and I also performedn’t note that cutting the motor out increased top rate by much. Given the circumstances, I happened to be actually impressed with just how dry we stayed despite having a quartering wind. The small Lund also seems really solid regarding water, never ever “oil canning” over big waves or wakes. This brand new hull generally seems to carve turns some much better than the old flat-bottom Lunds. Lund says the 1600 SS Fury aided by the system will run about 32 mph with a Mercury 40 on the transom.

Lund pitches the Fury as an inexpensive choice. Choices into the price end of the market are the Lowe A160T which retails for around $9, 635 with a Mercury 25 electric begin and a trailer. Tracker does not provide a deep-V design ship with a tiller, but its modified-V Panfish 16 starts at $8, 495 with a stick-steering Mercury 20 electric start, a MotorGuide trolling engine, and a trailer.

If it is time and energy to get “a boat, ” the Lund Fury offers over basic utility at a package cost. And you can nonetheless get yours in purple.

Charles Plueddeman is's outboard, trailer, and PWC specialist. He could be a former editor at Boating Magazine and factor to a lot of nationwide magazines since 1986.

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